William Daniell

Loch Coruisk, near Loch Scauaig

PR.1956.11.n PAINTINGS watercolour Loch Coruisk, near Loch Scauaig Daniell, William (1769 - 1837, English) Scotland, Isle of Skye, Loch Coruisk (place depicted) English watercolour, paper unframed: 162 mm x 237 mm Watercolour entitled 'Loch Coruisk, near Loch Scauaig', by William Daniell

Like many of his contemporaries, Daniell was enthralled by Scott’s latest narrative poem, 'The Lord of the Isles' (1815). In Scott’s verse, Fingal’s Cave and Loch Coruisk served as suitably dramatic backdrops for Robert the Bruce’s attempt to reconquer his kingdom. Doubtless, Daniell was as drawn by these new literary associations as the dramatic scenery. In the years to come, Scott’s poem would lead many more artists and tourists to the Hebrides.