Old Ways
New Roads

Travels in Scotland 1720 – 1832


Old Ways New Roads draws on the output of key travellers – from soldiers, surveyors and scholars to artists, writers and leisure tourists – to consider the connections between the military occupation of 18th-century Scotland and the beginning of modern tourism.

It also offers a new insight into the experience of travellers as they explore Scotland and its landscape by considering their responses to four key themes: ‘Natural History’, ‘Antiquities’, ‘Custom and Improvement’ and ‘Literary Landscapes and Picturesque Prospects’.

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The publication which accompanies the forthcoming online exhibition Old Ways New Roads: Travels in Scotland 1720-1832 is available to buy now.

Illustrated with over 200 artworks from public and private collections, the publication explores how from 1725 onwards, the Scottish landscape was variously documented, evaluated, planned and imagined in words and images. Providing a fascinating insight into the experience of travellers and tourists, it also considers how they impacted on the experience of the Scottish people themselves.


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